Tuesday, July 15, 2020 Two political prisoners, Saber Sheikh Abdullah and Diako Rasoulzadeh, were executed in the Iranian government prison in the city of Urmia on charges of political activity.

According to local reports, Saber Sheikh Abdullah and Diako Rasoulzadeh, who were transferred to quarantine from Ward 1 and 2 of the government prison in Urmia on Monday, were executed in security conditions in the prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Urmia.

Since yesterday, the families of both prisoners have gathered in front of the Central Prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Urmia (located on Darya Road) and demanded that their children visit.

The two young prisoners were sentenced to death in September 2010 after collaborating with Komala in Mahabad on charges of collaborating with Komala after a highly unfair judicial process.

The Islamic Republic of Iran had accused them of involvement in a bombing operation, a charge strongly denied by the two political prisoners.

The two political prisoners were subjected to the worst treatment and torture during their detention and interrogation, and the Iranian government forced them to confess through torture and violence. The accusations against the two citizens of East Kurdistan were untrue and the accusations had no evidence or documentation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association