One year ago, on this day, Iqbal Muradi, a political activist and a member of the Kurdistan Human Rights association, was assassinated by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in Panjwin, the Iraqi Kurdistan .

Iqbal Moradi was the father of Zanyar Moradi, a kurdish political prisoner  who was executed in Karaj prison two months after the assassination of his father.

Iqbal survived a terrorist attack in 2009 , he was injured in that attack.

Last year, in Iraqi Kurdistan, intelligence forces and the Iranian Republican Revolutionary Guards assassinated five other Kurdish political activists.

Currently, the threats of the Iranian security forces against the Kurdish activists, who live in Iraqi Kurdistan, continue.

In the past twenty years, close to 350 Kurdish political activists have been assassinated by Irani security forces and the Revolutionary Guards in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

In all cases, the case of the assassinated activists has not reached its place. also in the subject of the assassination of Iqbal Muradi, who, after one year, has been arrested for no one in charge of this assassination, this is a  document on Iran’s vast influence in Iraq.